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Submitted by Norm on Sat, 01/13/2018 - 21:28

History of ICEarth

ICEarth, Inc., is a life’s work of international consultant Norm Roulet.

Norm founded ICEarth in 2001 to commercialize intellectual property he developed over many years consulting to Fortune 100 enterprises. ICEarth is a natural outgrowth of Norm’s extensive experience leveraging the value of Information Technology (IT), multimedia and Inter/Intra/Extra-networking for the competitive advantage of such stakeholders.

Sophisticated tools Norm pioneered in the early 1990’s, along with services for measuring information technology effectiveness and numerous multi-client initiatives to define best IT practice form the backbone of the ICEarth mission. For around seven years, Norm has applied ICEarth methodologies to analyzing multi-entity virtual communities in socially important sectors, including addressing needs of k-12 schools, museums, cities, musicians and financial institutions.

In 2003, Norm located ICEarth’s development team in the Silicon Valley region of California, USA, where world-class experts have contributed their abilities to enhance these time-tested products and services. ICEarth today is an evolving entity using leading-edge tools and approaches to analyze information community effectiveness (ICE) to create a data warehouse of ICE metrics to be mined by subscribers. Comparative, multidimensional benchmarking over time and against “competitors” is available on demand to ICEarth subscribers.