4. Mission: The United Cannabis Exchange (UCANX)

Submitted by Norm on Sat, 08/17/2019 - 03:57

4. Mission: The United Cannabis Exchange (UCANX)Following the 2010 Hemp Industries Association Annual Meeting, I founded the United Cannabis Exchange (UCANX), as a service of ICEarth, to provide the co-op commodities exchange for the legal global industrial cannabis economies.
I'm a former information architect for Cargill (and IBM), and the solution is a dedicated transactional blockchain platform, with a dedicated cryptocurrency based on transactional activity, for legally certified cannabis farmers, buyers and vendors of services, operated as a co-op owned and managed by industry stakeholders, as their sole-source solution.
Mission: The United Cannabis Exchange (UCANX) is founded by farmers with a shared mission to supply the world with fair trade cannabis crops, for industry, energy, food and health-care, grown with and for environmental, economic and social justice for all. UCANX connects fair trade cannabis farmers with fair industrial hemp and marijuana customers, worldwide.