6. Why ICEarth#UCANX Blockchain

Submitted by Norm on Sat, 08/17/2019 - 04:02

6. Why ICEarth#UCANX Blockchain6. Why ICEarth#UCANX Blockchain: Being a regulated economy, transitioning through legalization, cannabis industry stakeholders represent a small community organized into trade groups, with strong regionalization.
UCANX was founded with stakeholders of the Hemp Industries Association, Vote Hemp, and the National Hemp Association, and the founding board and advisors represent those organizations and others in the industry, worldwide. Therefore, UCANX is a network of industrial cannabis economy business networks, providing dedicated information technologies, as a co-op of their memberships, in affiliation with them.
UCANX will provide a Drupal user identity and content management system, integrated with blockchain, for the authentic, certified, dedicated industrial cannabis economy, beginning with registration of certified cannabis stakeholders to establish their root authentic identities for seed to sale supply chains and commodity transactions.