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Welcome to ICEhouse and the <ABOUT> page.

ICEhouse is meant to be a warm place to visit - be cool, chill and enjoy.

Here are brief overviews of the various ICEhouse initiatives underway. For more information on ICEhouse and our initiatives, follow the links on the left - and feel free to contact us directly.

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ICE stands for Internetworked Community Excellence.

ICEhouse exists to help optimize the value of information technology - which includes ICE - for Earth and all beings (our mission).

ICEhouse is a research oriented association of and for all the world's web stakeholders - leaders of enterprises, strategic visionaries, developers of enabling technologies, content managers, masters, and end users.

This is a public insight development site, where ICEhouse associates conduct, refine and deliver analyses of Internet effectiveness and consider information technology related social issues

ICE analyses currently underway help society optimize the value of virtual communities for government, employment, education and the arts. Visit active, public ICE initiatives from the ICEhouse home contents frame.

This home page is dedicated to public dialogue on optimizing IT for society - like promoting Universal Access and Virtual Community (UA/VC). Visitors are encouraged to become involved, complete opinion surveys, and consider peer opinions.

For more about the vision of ICEhouse, visit normALST. To contact the lead developer, e-mail Norm Roulet

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