ICE Rainbow Paper

Submitted by Norm on Sat, 01/13/2018 - 18:10
ICEarth Rainbow

Here's a highest level overview of ICEarth, today.

Established in Cleveland, Ohio, in 2001, ICEarth, LLC, is a Drupal open source co-op virtual community based on individual data rights and sovereignty, providing transactional contracting for dedicated economies, with root authenticity.

Dedicated economies served include global industrial cannabis, providing the United Cannabis Exchange, and global environmental justice, through ICEarth Saturn.

Therefore, ICEarth is the most authentic virtual community possible.

The opportunity for Ohio is to provide resources for development of ICEarth, LLC, and services, including application development, and front- and back-offices, anchoring important aspects of blockchain development and the global industrial cannabis economy in Northeast Ohio.

Less obvious than the benefits of anchoring the blockchain economy, industrial cannabis will be a $trillion economy impacting many Ohio industries, and where these new economies are developed will create significant benefits. In our infancy, no region may claim any significant competitive advantages for anchoring cannabis, which UCANX offers our home turf.