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Dear friends from the Greater Cleveland Lead Advisory Council and otherwise concerned with lead eradication, I was a founding Infrastructure and Sustainability co-chair of the GCLAC - my job was finding sources for funding lead hazards remediation. In 2006, I worked with Motley Rice and East Cleveland Mayor Brewer to bring lead poisoning litigation to Ohio. By pursuing similar litigation, California is well along the way to a $billion settlement - so, suing Sherwin Williams and other lead paint defendants is a just and effective strategy. But, there are consequences. Because Ohio leaders failed to support the litigation East Cleveland initiated, Jones Day was able to "counter-sue" and abort that effort, and destroy Mayor Brewer and me in the process. As an alternative to litigation, I relocated my information architecture work to New Mexico, which has led me to working in blockstack, blockchain and cryptocurrency,  That combination provides the ultimate GCLAC Infrastructure and Sustainability solution, offering information systems and funding necessary for the scope of lead hazard remediation required to truly make the human condition lead-free, being $trillions.

In brief, blockchain is a distributed ledger for irrefutable transactions, which is especially well suited for managing the compliance core to lead remediation, and maintaining lead-safe housing, as well as tracking patients and their records. We will move lead compliance to blockstack, being a platform of blockchain, developing a globally important application of that. Funding this infrastructure, and providing near-limitless funding for sustainable lead hazard remediation, will be a dedicated cryptocurrency, LeadCoin, which will be used for all lead-safe compliance. This platform supports irrefutable compliance tracking, from lead testing to safe housing certification, with absolute financial accountability to the lead-safe contractor, to 30 million lead-contaminated American households - 10 million lead service lines.

Why it is optimal to use a dedicated cryptocurrency is we may 'mine" $100s billions in LeadCoin for dedicated funding of lead remediation, within a certified lead-safe compliance economy worth $trillions, which is secured by the 10X multiple return on investment realized from that lead hazard remediation. For example, $15,000 spent for certified lead hazard remediation in a typical housing unit takes it from an unlivable toxic hazard - $10,000/unit to demolish - to being economically viable, worth far more than $15,000 in appreciation. Working through housing certification, with lending institutions, properties will easily convert to lead-free long term financing, once certified lead-safe, allowing funds to be reinvested for further remediation projects, with some return on investment. As further leverage, this eliminates toxic hazards and liabilities, and raises property values and taxes, making housing more attractive, residents healthier and more productive, and communities sustainable. There are no risks to the security of the cryptocurrency, as it will be a government payment and compliance vehicle with demand in the $trillions. This may quickly provide all the funding necessary to truly complete our mission to end lead poisoning on Earth within a reasonable timeframe.

I've expanded my global relations in lead eradication and will be reaching out broadly to develop the LeadCoin ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and blockstack, which will be organized with an appropriate non-profit. I will certainly develop this platform and funding with a focus on addressing lead hazard eradication in Cleveland first. Let me know if you would like to help set the standards, and feel free to forward to any interested parties. I'll keep you posted on major benchmarks.

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