Why ICEarth: UCANX is just one "You Can X"

Submitted by Norm on Mon, 10/09/2017 - 19:05

UCANX is just one "You Can X" commerce environment of your personal matrix ICEarth - Indigenous Communities Earth.

Conceptual Framework - The Emergence of “Info Mediated Enterprise”: The concept underlying infomediation is that an individual should 'own' his or her own data and that only trusted parties should broker individuals’ data as allowed and authorized by the individual (http://realneo.us/content/icearth-information-community-earth-conceptual-framework-normalst-020701).

ICEarth is built on the Drupal Commons social and content management system platform, allowing any authentic user to establish authentic groups for anything, from social organizing and community-building to storefronts, to commodity scale. Permissions determine who has access.

Authentic users may create authentic virtual presences, with rich media and interaction, to commerce. You host your own authentic content and social networks, and you may publish, store and access as you like, on your financial terms. Communications include messaging, email, voice and videoconferencing. All encrypted - all private - all owned by you - all ad-free. All optimized for bleeding edge information systems, designed for blockstack.

Your rebirth in the matrix, authentic and correct. What do you want to do with that? Develop an excellent reputation. Build your curriculum vitae. Work in the cannabis economy?

Welcome to ICEarth, establish your identity, please. Consider the cannabis economy, where what is regulated and taxed in one state is in other states a felony.

In the cannabis economy, your identity may include verified biometrics, a police background check, a medical diagnosis, prescriptions and healthcare transactions, grow operations locations and video feeds, government compliance and regulation, finance and taxation, and records of cannabis products and services.

As ICEarth is deploying as a co-op for cannabis economy stakeholders, it must be perfectly authentic in every way, while secure and confidential. What else may you do with ICEarth authenticity? UCANX is a commerce system for ICEarth cannabis stakeholders, and for "You Can X", filling in the "X". With ICEarth, you may commercialize any of your data in any authentic ways you want, with credentialing as sophisticated as for medical cannabis transactions.


Cannabis has the ideal economic clout to launch ICEarth, and build optimal sophistication, but with that UCANX you can "X" much more - you may take control of the matrix, in cooperation with billions.

I launched a community of ICEarth on 10/07/2004 - REALNEO is being developed by Northeast Ohio regional economic development leaders, entrepreneurs, academics and other concerned citizens, with the support of many global information technology experts, to provide the region with a unique, world-class unforked open source framework providing the optimal virtual social network,collaboration and knowledge management systems for economic development and entrepreneurship in Northeast Ohio (and be the best in the world).


There, I explain full implementation of ICEarth for economic development in Northeast Ohio, with which we are now proceeding: In the Fall of 2008, I proposed to Cuyahoga County Commissioner Peter Lawson Jones that the local foods sector offers the people of Northeast Ohio $ billions in economic development opportunities that may be distributed to a huge percentage of our 1,000,000s of residents in very socially equitably ways. I also proposed similar opportunities are available in open source information and social computing. And I pointed out regional organizational, strategic, social and operational barriers to success and proposed specific solutions to maximize workforce and infrastructure development, massive scaling, and social equity.(http://realneo.us/content/preamble-real-co-op-open-food-information-and-community-development-2009)

I applied that co-op model to developing UCANX in 2010: When I met with my counsel about legalizing cannabis in Ohio, I explained I never bring up a problem without a solution. The problem I brought up to him and his many large industrial clients is the excessive industrial pollution in Northeast Ohio, primarily from coal-burning industrial source points like MCCO and MIttal, which must be eliminated to make this a livable, sustainable region. The solution I asked his firm to support is making Northeast Ohio the Open Source Capital of the Brightest Greenest State of Earth, including legalizing Cannabis and basing the Global Cannabis Exchange and industry here... which will grow to over $1 trillion world-wide in the coming years. (http://realneo.us/ICExchange)

Shortly after the 2010 HIA Annual meeting, I met with Agua Das about developing the United Cannabis Exchange on the ICEarth framework: Mission: The United Cannabis Exchange (UCANX) is founded by farmers with a shared mission to supply the world with fair trade cannabis crops, for industry, energy, food and health-care, grown with and for environmental, economic and social justice for all. UCANX connects fair trade cannabis farmers with fair industrial hemp and marijuana customers, worldwide. (http://realneo.us/hemp-i-scream-and-Agua-Das)


This Saturday is UCANX's 13th anniversary since launching in Cleveland as realNEO, so ICEarth already has a 13-year legacy of transformation, with millions of views, and thousands of members.

And, ICEarth is IT for all, since 2001. Facebook wasn't even born until 2004.

UCANX is just the tip of the iceberg.