Hemp Getting Roots In North Dakota Despite Drought

Submitted by Norm on Thu, 10/05/2017 - 13:42

“We have been seeing them grow industrial hemp, for the past decade or more, successfully, not 50 miles from our border in some instances,” Seifert-Spilde says Seifert-Spilde says the two years of the hemp program have been very different. Last year, North Dakota farmers only planted 70 acres total. This year, there are 3,000 acres. Hemp is faring well in this year’s drought, but Seifert-Spilde says the yield will likely be lower in the hardest hit areas. She says most producers are interested in processing the grain into food products. “Hemp oil that you can put on your salad, or protein powder that you could bake with and put in your smoothie, or hemp hearts that you could sprinkle on top of your salad or your oatmeal," Seifert-Spilde says. "Much like how people use flax.”