Why we are the sole-source global cannabis industry commodities exchange

Submitted by Norm on Wed, 01/17/2018 - 10:37

Ray and Michael, Below is an update to a chain of UCANX stakeholders, to my co-founders, indicating why I say with confidence we are the sole-source global cannabis industry commodities exchange.

David Bush is our top cannabis attorney, at Hoban, top attorneys in the industry, and they have a whole team lined up for us, to cryptocurrency.

Mark is the founder of MJFreeway, which he since sold, and he created the "seed to sale" tracking model for the industry. Rick is an important cannabis entrepreneur, and board member of many important trade associations, Thomas is director of the Hemp Industry Research Foundation. These are our core industry advisors, with the list of founders that follows, to a Jicarilla Apache attorney, and Agua Das, legend in the industry, who went to Case for engineering, lived on Hessler, and helped start the original Street Fair. http://realneo.us/hemp-i-scream-and-Agua-Das

Since 2010, I have personally briefed members of the Lewis family, which has provided most of the funding for cannabis advocacy in America, and shares my vision to see important growth of the industry in Ohio - I worked with Don Wirtshafter on prior legalization efforts there.

Between UCANX and Saturn, I have contacted many other people with influence who share concern for the future of the Cleveland region, including in media. For Saturn, Cleveland has an ideal lead remediation infrastructure, from the GCLAC days, still in place, and I've been in contact with members, and there is clearly interest to complete that mission.

As a last piece of background, I went to school with Adam Lewis and other classmates are involved in planning UCANX development, based in Cleveland, including Henry Butler and Stacey Polk, of LCR Enterprises, so we really have an extensive home team. Locally, our founders also includes Chris Galgoczy, of Bhang Chocolates.

We look forward to working with JumpStart,



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Below is a brief update to various UCANX stakeholders. In brief, as became obvious, James did not perform on contracts, and we have discontinued any discussions on co-development, etc.

Having that cleared away, I've proceeded on business development with the folks I've had in place, which includes various economic development interests in Ohio, including Don Wirtshafter and Adam Lewis. I'll have a clearer picture by the end of the week, and will let you know the recommended next steps.



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To: Mark Goldfogel <mark.goldfogel@gmail.com>, Rick Trojan III <ricktrojan@gmail.com>, Thomas Dermody <tom@theihrfoundation.com>

Mark, Rick and Thomas,

Here's an update I sent UCANX founders, on recent developments. The platform side is now mapped out and I'm putting together some expert resources, and focused on broader business development. As soon as those pieces are in place, which should be within the next few weeks, we'll be operational. I will keep you posted. 

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Date: Tue, Jan 16, 2018 at 9:51 PM
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To: hershel daniels <hersheldanielsjunior@gmail.com>, Chris Galgoczy <bakercandies@att.net>, Chris Boucher <chrisjboucher@gmail.com>, Agua Das <das.ellis@gmail.com>, Gloria Castillo <gjc777@gmail.com>, Rudy Arredondo <latinofarmers@live.com>, Joe Sedillo <joe_sedillo@hotmail.com>, Sergio Lebid <slebid.nanospire@gmail.com>, Lory Kohn <lorykohn@gmail.com>, Frederick Hargrove <fred.hargrove@hargroveengineering.com>, jack noel <lastnoel@zianet.com>, PPT <ppt@zianet.com>, "MARK L. LECLAIR" <mleclair@nanospireinc.com>, Bernice Muskrat <bernicemuskrat@yahoo.com>

Happy New Year, UCANX,

A brief overview of developments, which have been considerable.

I apologize for the delay. We looked at merging ICEarth with a small cap public company, focused on cannabis industry IT, but the management was not competent.

In the process, I completed our information architecture, which incorporates blockchain and a dedicated cryptocurrency as the transactional smart contracting environment for the dedicated industrial cannabis economy. I'm sure you have seen coverage of Bitcoin and blockchain, and UCANX uses the same crypto systems, customized to our applications.

Blockchain is perfectly suited to the original conceptual framework of ICEarth, based on individual ownership of data, protected by sovereignty, so UCANX has been designed for these developments for two decades. In the process, we are building something very important with ICEarth, being the authentic root for the most authentic blockchains ever made, being for a regulated, dedicated global healthcare economy.


Having similar government compliance issues, I have also proposed ICEarth develop blockchain solutions for global lead poisoning eradication, with a dedicated transactional cryptocurrency. See ICEarth Saturn: http://icearth.com/Saturn


Furthering business development, I am in contact with the CEO of an organization called JumpStart, in Cleveland, that exists to support economic development in Ohio. He is interested in the value offered by ICEarth, and UCANX, and I've applied to them for some business development support, which should be mapped out in the next few weeks. Through these channels, we have access to any further resources that are needed.

Based on advice from JumpStart, I'll have further organizational recommendations shortly. I'm posting all related developments directly to our URL: http://icearth.com

Below is the "Elevator Pitch" I provided to JumpStart - let me know if you have any questions:

Here's a highest level overview of ICEarth, today.

Established in Cleveland, Ohio, in 2001, ICEarth, LLC, is a Drupal open source co-op virtual community based on individual data rights and sovereignty, providing transactional contracting for dedicated economies, with root authenticity.

Dedicated economies served include global industrial cannabis, providing the United Cannabis Exchange, and global environmental justice, through ICEarth Saturn.

Therefore, ICEarth is the most authentic virtual community possible.

The opportunity for Ohio is to provide resources for development of ICEarth, LLC, and services, including application development, and front- and back-offices, anchoring important aspects of blockchain development and the global industrial cannabis economy in Northeast Ohio.

Less obvious than the benefits of anchoring the blockchain economy, industrial cannabis will be a $trillion economy impacting many Ohio industries, and where these new economies are developed will create significant benefits. In our infancy, no region may claim any significant competitive advantages for anchoring cannabis, which UCANX offers our home turf.


On Sat, Sep 23, 2017 at 1:51 PM, Norm Roulet <norm.roulet@gmail.com> wrote:

Dear UCANX founders and influencers,

Since we created United Cannabis Exchange, in 2010, I've continued planning for deployment, and maintaining visibility, and this summer I began development of the technology platform with two world class IT vendors, Acquia and MyPlanet. They will begin the design phase next month, for launching January 2018, supporting 2018 industrial cannabis commodities and B2B activity.

The operational model currently planned is in partnership with Phoenix Tears Foundation, which will manage the non-profit co-op UCANX coalition of members, and their credentialing as users of the commodities exchange, under a management contract with a new UCANX, Inc., operating company, which will provide the technology solutions of a social media environment, with commerce supporting B2B and commodities transactions, for legal cannabis activities for farmers, buyers and service providers, globally.

UCANX, Inc., will be a for-profit company, and will provide IT solutions beyond the exchange, building the Internet of Cannabis (IoC). The conceptual framework goes back to my consulting in the 1990s, and is called ICEarth - Indigenous Communities Earth. UCANX, Inc., will be a Type-C corporation being formed by a Cleveland attorney, Ben Calkins, and I'm providing $300,000 in collateral to fund launching the design phase of UCANX, and am serving as President and putting together further funding to complete deployment.

As we are forming a new company, and each of you had some input into the creation and the mission of UCANX, I'm allocating 1% of the shares in UCANX, Inc., to each of you, listed below:

Chris Galgoczy <bakercandies@att.net>
Chris Boucher <chrisjboucher@gmail.com>
Agua Das <das.ellis@gmail.com>,
Gloria Castillo <gjc777@gmail.com>,
Rudy Arredondo <
Joe Sedillo <joe_sedillo@hotmail.com>,
Sergio Lebid <
Lory Kohn <lorykohn@gmail.com>,
Fred Hargrove <fred@hargroveengineering.com>,
jack noel <lastnoel@zianet.com>,
Daniel Manuchia <ppt@zianet.com>,
Hershel Daniels <

Norm Roulet <norm.roulet@gmail.com>

Bernice Muskrat <bernicemuskrat@yahoo.com>

While still being determined, other shares will be allocated to parties helping to organize the current business developments, to Phoenix Tears Foundation, to my family that helped with funding, to me for my IP, and to further funders and future stakeholders like management.


We will be forming a board and each of you will be welcome to participate. Also, the UXANC co-op will have a co-op board, and you are welcome to serve there.

Ben Calkins will be handling the legal work. All that is being done this month is filing UCANX, Inc., and we are contracting the IT with Acquia and MyPlanet so they may begin the design stage. Ben will then put together amendments to the articles of incorporation to allocate shares, add board members, and assign officers, etc. He will contact you with documents as they are available.

As we enter the design phase, MyPlanet wants to conduct 1-hour interviews with any stakeholders and users who would like to provide input on the functionality of the platform and beta test development. So, they would like to talk to current and future hemp farmers, buyers and service providers. Let me know if any of you are interested to participate in that. I also welcome any other thoughts.

Over the next year, UCANX will emerge from a mission to a platform to a global ecosystem, with world-class execution, so will offer immense opportunities for everyone in the cannabis economies. We've all played roles in creating this opportunity, and I look forward to working together to save the world with hemp.

See the attached presentation on the development platform, and let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards,